What to pay attention in resume 2020

Do you remember that time, when you found the desired position? It was an exact match! You read job description and each line was about you. Summary, skills and even “would be nice to have” section – everything was about you. But you decided not to pay enough attention to your resume. The quality of resume.

100% they will call me” – you thought. One day, two days, one week..nobody called. What was wrong with that recruiters? Have you ever find yourself in that situation? We can assume – you were. You’re not the one who thinks this way, but there are some tricky moments.

To be a candidate, who absolutely fit a vacant position is not enough today. To know how to sell your candidacy – that’s what you need to learn if you want to get a job these days. An outstanding resume is a key factor here. It’s key to a hiring manager’s attention.

To have luck or professional resume 2020?

The unstructured resume is useless. It’s not possible to scan fast to find the most relevant and important information in a short period of time. Even though if it has nothing in common with a current vacant position you applied recently – it will immediately be transferred into the trash pile. 

We saw too many candidates, who did the same mistakes many times. Today we’re going to share with you our expertise to avoid you from stupid things. If there is a good position, you should not miss your chance because of grammar mistakes, not a targeted resume, irrelevant experience… You have your chance.

Resume 2020 must be catchy!

I wish somebody would tell me that before! Before I have lost tons of interesting jobs on the market.

That little voice inside our head

The most common situation can be overwritten somehow below. You decided to start looking for new opportunities or thinking about transition. An old, outdated resume – the best option! That was your decision. BUT it’s outdated and resume template is not attractive enough. “That’s okay, hiring managers are looking for content!”..you said! That’s completely wrong approach and is not a strategy to win!

Hiring managers are really busy people. They have tons of resumes to scan daily. You are not the only candidate, who applied for that position. Up to six seconds you have to catch their attention. If you are not possible to do that – you are not the one, who would get this job.

Resume which stands out from a crowd. If your CV 2020 can attract enough attention – you have chances. In today’s reality, you are not fighting with other candidates, you’re fighting for hiring manager attention. If resume shines bright, even resume content is not relevant enough – you have much higher chances across other applicants.

Include results. Exclude responsibilities

The other good way to decrease chances to get the desired position – to get focused on responsibilities when you write a CV. The core mistake is that the reader cant assesses you. When it’s not possible to understand what was your key value or the way you brought it – you are a tricky candidate. That how recruiters or hiring manager’s mindset works. 

Achievements or proven results. Here is the answer to a simple question. If to compare to resumes, one with highlighted proven results and the other one without that section – the first one will get a call. Hiring managers are the same people as we are. If there are some candidates, who did that part of their job instead of them (included achievement section) – they will call them at first. 

Mistakes, useless sections, unstructured..

All of the above are resume 2020 killers. If you have not time to read a resume twice after you finished it to proofread it for grammar mistakes – you’re wasting your time reading our blog. 

A professional resume looks professional not because it’s a template or some resume buzzwords. It contains the most relevant and targeted information a hiring manager expects to find there.

Not all CV 2020 recognized by ATS

That was a really funny story when our candidate tried to get an exact position in a law company. Their HR department is using an applicant tracking system with some custom settings. They are not processing resumes, which does not include some keywords.

It means that without a specific keyword in your resume – your resume simply goes to a trash pile. Nobody even could see your resume. Writing a resume, you need to keep an eye on that factor.