Updated Resume Formats 2020 Hints

Curriculum vitae is the main document for candidates, who are inactive job search process. The main function of any resume – to demonstrate the whole picture of the applicant and quickly understand whether a candidate could be interesting. 

The key value here is in your resume. A document, which is like 3rd party between the desired position and you. That’s why it’s really important to pay enough attention to each detail of its structure. Using the updated resume 2020 tips, you can increase your chances to get a new position with an outstanding CV this year.

Common CV Formats 2020

We have already written a long post about the most used resume formats 2020, which are used today. We spoke about the key differences between each resume format and when it’s better to use them. In other words, when using a specific CV format could be the best option for you and when it’s better not to use some resume templates.

Now we are going to briefly brush up on the most common resume formats and their key differences. Thereafter, we’ll move to a resume structure. In other words, we’re going to highlight key resume sections of CV. We’ll deep into each resume section and will try to comment, whether it’s a good idea to use it or not. In the end, you’ll have a deep understanding of what resume content to include and what is better to exclude. 

Chronological CV format. This type of resume format is the best option for a candidates with a solid experience background. With an impressive career path and most likely no employment gaps.

Functional CV format. A bit tricky resume format, which is hiding most likely everything about your career path. The key benefit of using it – your skills. You are selling your hard skills, which easy to assess and easy to manage.

Combination CV format. Another good format of a resume, which mixes two formats above into one. A pretty good solution for some candidates, who has enough experience and good hard skills to present.

Updated Resume Format 2020 Hints

  1. Always keep your resume updated and use the right resume format, according to your needs and position level. Choosing the right resume format could not only help you to enhance chances to get a new job but also stand out from a crowd of other applicants. Pay enough attention and effort choosing right CV format.
  2. Professional resume templates 2020. That’s another huge topic in the resume writing community, There are two different points of view about this question. One group of recruiters think that using a bright and colorful resume template is a bad idea. The other one – it’s a really good chance to stand ot from a mass. We DO believe that fancy resume template is a really good approach to get enough attention from a recruiter.
  3. Add results or achievements into a resume. It’s a good practice to mix your responsibilities with some achievements or results. Nobody likes to read what you did on a daily basis. All they want to read about gained results. If there is something you can write about to convince them that you are the most fitted candidate – do not miss your chance.  
  4. Skills. This is one of the most important section in any resume. A recruiter needs to understand quickly what you can do and how well. You there are some skills you want to stand out from others, make sure you did it well enough. 
  5. Use the right file extensions. When you are crafting a resume using some modern resume builders, it’s a good idea to make sure that the finished resume was downloaded in popular extension. DOC and DOCX are the most common extension, which are better to use. Remember, that not all ATS can recognize PDF files.
  6. Resume objective section. Are there still candidates, who are using that block in resumes? We’re even dont know why do you need to spend free space in your resume adding obvious things there. 
  7. References. It was mentioned in all resume resources. You should not add this stupid phrase “Refferences upon request!”. Hiring managers would not even ask you about references, they will get them without involving you in this process.
  8. The weird file name of CV. The best option here is [FirstName][LastName].docx
  9. More than one-page resume. The more information you add to a resume, the less focused it is. If you have one page to add most relevant and important information – you will do that. If you can’t do that, that means you vague the importance. (Federal resumes are an extension for rules)