TOP Resume 2020 Trends

2020 resume trends

Maybe you have already read about what is trendy today, but our main goal now is to sum up all the most important information into one article and share it with you. As we have already mentioned before in our previous posts – to stand out from the crowd and personalized approach are two main streams today. Hiring managers are busy people and they want to get the most interesting and relevant candidates at the same time. That was the key reason why we decided to prepare TOP resume trends 2020, which could help you to GET THE JOB!

All the written below would be about “How to use the latest resume and job search approaches” to get employed. Some of them will be absolutely new. Some of them are well known, but job seekers still ignoring them.

Video Resume – number one trend

Have you ever heard anything about the video resume? No? It’s the number one trend in creating a resume. It has some pros and cons. First of all, it’s a good option for job seekers, who would like to present their soft skills and represent themselves. The good news is – it amazingly works. Even though some guys tried to measure a conversion rate in resume openings. They ran a split test, applying an open position using a traditional resume format and sending a video resume.

Video resume was 10X more effective in terms of people who viewed it. A video resume was downloaded to Youtube and started getting hits in two hours after it was sent to hiring managers. Why it’s so popular? Because most hiring managers inviting an applicant to interview, checking their communication skills. After two or three minute talk it ain’t hard to understand whether it’s interesting to continue interview or not. Video resume – it’s a kind of revolution in recruiting processes. It helps you to promote yourself across the web and HR’s to assess your skills without any meeting and time to spend.

Quantifiable results

A key goal of any resume is to sell your candidacy to an interesting position and get you employed. Which sections or data in your resume could help you to do that? RESULTS.

“Let’s talk about the results! Could you please tell us about the key results you gained in a previous position?”

Another good HR

An amazing question to check and to identify a “mature” candidate from a junior. If you are ready to share results, that means that you were doing something useful and delivered some results. If you can tell the hiring manager only about responsibilities – you are LESS interesting.

All the companies are looking for people, who can bring results! Even more, if it’s a managerial position.

Social Media matters

Do you know that you have your personal brand? More and more hiring managers are asking candidates to provide their social media profiles. 

Facebook has launched an internal job board. You don’t need a resume anymore. Use a facebook profile to apply to any position you want. That’s a new approach, which makes your social media profiles much worthy than you even expect. 

Another signal, why social media are important is to understand candidate a bit deeper. Some companies are scanning user’s social media profiles when setting candidates to the next level of the recruitment process. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your account clean and do not post weird things. 

ATS are everywhere

If you still believe that each resume will be read by a hiring manager, you are 100% wrong. These days, over 60% of huge corporations are using applicant tracking systems and their number is growing. 

Recruiters are scanning and considering only those resumes, which machine allows them to do that. An outstanding resume could be simply in a trash pile because of a low density of keywords inside a document. At the same time, another candidate, who crafted a resume for an ATS machine will win the game.

“Write for machines, but let people understand you”

Your resume reader

A good balance must be here. You should understand that if you will overstaff a resume with tons of keywords, it would be not possible to read by a human.