Top 12 Resume 2020 Tips and lifehacks

According to our last data, we have scanned and reviewed tons of resumes over the past 6 months. That was the main reason, why we decided to provide our reader with a complete guide on how to craft an outstanding resume format 2020 which works.

resume tips for 2020

Each read resume brings us experience, additional HR skills and job seekers mistakes. There were a lot of different mistakes, which might be omitted. That’s why we decided to write this post,  not about different types of resume writing mistakes. Today we’re going to talk about how to exclude such mistakes from your resume.

There is no reason to talk about extreme edge cases. We’re going to discuss classic resume templates. Our main goal is to share with you our experience and protect you from a strict HR, reducing chances to get a job.

1. Cath attention using anchors

When you have already applied for a position, you need to be confident, that you did the right choice and be passionate about the desired position. Try to grab the hiring manager’s attention using specific anchors, which could be interesting for them.
What anchors are we talking about? That could be really different things. In some cases it could be relevant experience. Another good option here could be relevant certificates, which could be a good addition to your CV. Some job seekers are trying to tailor their resume for a vacant position. We do believe that such an approach in job searching is one of the most effective.

2. Results over “Doing”

Nobody is going to hire a candidate without any proven results and “to be done” approach in a candidate’s head. Companies are looking for people, who could strengthen their companies. Due to all written above, hiring managers are changing their resume scanning processes.

They are looking for OUTCOME. Even though, they are looking for candidates with proven results with figures. That means, that you need to include some figures for HR. Some data, which could help your reader to understand what exact value you bring to a previous company.

Try to omit hard to understand acronyms. That’s much better to use easy to understand explanations here. The best example for a sales manager could be “Average monthly generated profit in Q4 was $X”.

3. Professional resume templates

Another resume trend in resume writing – professionally designed resume templates. Job seekers do not pay enough attention to this aspect when crafting their resumes, but it’s one of the most important detail.

Attention! That’s what you’re fighting for. Your resume content matters, but the way you present a resume is not less important these days. Outstanding, colored, creative resume could help you to grab much more reader’s attention compared to a grey sheet of paper.
Get the latest resume 2020 templates compilation 1 and resume templates compilation 2 with the most creative templates, which could be used by you as real templates or for inspiration.

4. Do a job ad research before applying

This approach in job application process could be really useful if you would like to increase the response rate from a hiring manager. Here we’re trying to solve a problem when you are applying for a position before doing a 10-second research and simple matching.

What should you do before applying for a position:

  • Read carefully a job description
  • Get a simple keywords analysis, and write down hard skills, you found there
  • Do you have enough years of expertise to apply for this position?

These three questions above could help you to get the most relevant vacant job ads for you. You would save your time and will increase chances to get a job! Another good exercise for you could be to create a semantic map of keywords relevant for you. After you will create it, you can match it with your resume to understand which skills you did not include.

5. Before the first day starts

It’s not a secret that most likely each company today has it’s own corporate culture, traditions, values, etc. You could be a really outstanding candidate with tons of experience behind your back, with impressive network and skills…BUT you are not a person this exact company would like to see in an office. Why? Because you are not responding to their internal corporate culture. Such thing could be a really disappointed, especially when it the last interview with a boss.

How to be prepared for that? Know your colleagues, using social networks. List corporate account on Facebook to understand what are the doing in their spare time, what activities do they like and so on.. Using such knowledges, you would have much more confidence in what you are doing.

6. Only the most relevant!

There is not hard to write a ten pages resume, describing every position in additional a useless details. But the problem is that hiring managers are not going to read that! Simply, because they don’t have enough time to do that.
Hiring managers are using 6 seconds rule. That’s the time they need to understand whether the candidate is relevant and could fit a position. The more relevant and targeted information you will provide in hard concentration, the more chances you have to get a position.

7. Ghost Resume Reading

If you are looking for a specific position and not sure if your resume is good enough to apply. Maybe there could be some tiny edits you’d like to do before it will be in HR’s inbox. That’s why it’s a really good idea to do a ghost resume reading.
How it works. The main idea here is to compare your CV with other candidate’s resumes. Doing that, you can simply understand what you missed in your document and enhance it. It works pretty well when you could find some differences between your resume and other candidate job profiles. Works well, especially when you understand that you did not include a lot of interesting and relevant data.

8. Direct Message

When it comes to a consideration process, most likely hiring managers are trying to follow their internal process. It works only if you applied your resume via the application form or write and email to a hiring manager.

In other cases, you might have much more chances to get employed. All the corporate websites listing an email. Once you understand an email. Now you can simply understand domain name. Once you have a domain name you can search different email addresses on the web. Usually, HRD or CEO publishing their private or corporate email addresses on a specific website. It’s a good idea to boost your chances to get a job writing a direct message to a person, who makes decisions.

9. Follow-up messages

Use a specially dedicated calendar for follow-up letters. Each hiring manager is a pretty busy person. They are not going to follow the whole internal recruitment process or flow. If you have any agreements, it’s your headache and responsibility to keep it under the radar.
A common practice is to follow up recruiter after 3-5 days after you have already sent a CV and there was no feedback. There are some tricky moments about how to write catchy follow-up letters, but now we’re not going to deep into this topic.

10. Targeted resume

A targeted resume is key to get a job in 2020. The more match is, the more chances you have to get a job. The key value here is in content. You provide your readers with what they are looking for.

It doesn’t matter what type of resume format are you going to use. Chronological or functional, doesn’t matter. You need to concentrate on hard skills and relevant expertise. Carefully read job position descriptions and include data from there to a resume.

11. A resume writer is a good idea?

Of course, if you have enough money to pay for a professional resume. In other cases, such a service could bring you much more pain instead of benefits. Not all resume writers are professional as they will try to ensure you.

We do believe that you have enough experience to write a professional resume by yourself. We provide you enough information and templates to do that even better than some services could provide.