Latest resume format 2020 (+ Templates)

The end of the year comes, there’s often a lot going on and tons of hiring managers are looking for new candidates. At the same time tons of different candidates are trying to win their lucky chance to get employed. Are there any tricks behind the curtain in resume writing niche? Yes, they are, but we will try to share them with you a bit later.  

Our main theme today is resume format 2019-2020. While you’re trying to write an outstanding resume, it’s a great chance to think about format of resume 2020. In our today’s post you will understand the main differences between different CV formats. When it’s good to use one and when it’s not the best idea. Another good idea to read our post till the end – pros and cons of each resume format. So, if you are looking for a new opportunity and have no idea where to start, we’re here to help you. 

Stop using useless resume writing approaches. Resume format in 2020 – is a core. It’s a resume structure and tell a hiring manager much more than you can even imagine. We suggest you not to waste time, open new document and start writing.

Good structure = Winning resume 2020

Have you ever tried to work with a pretty huge amount of data, especially when it’s not structured? When you have a limited time to bring your company some results… And when you need to highlight some details, which are really important!

Now let’s imagine that all the written above is about your resume, which you have already sent to a hiring manager. How do you think how many time a professional recruiter needs to assess who you are?

Less than SEVEN seconds!

According to the latest polls.

Up to 7 seconds to understand who you are. What is your speciality, key achievements, expertize and many more… BUT how it’s possible to do in a so short period of time? Professional resume format 2020 – main key to tell hiring managers is what they are looking for in less than 7 seconds. You structure information according to some rules and provide them clear to understand document.

How to choose the right resume format 2020

Using proper resume format is very important for each candidate. Depends on your position, level and expertise you need to know some rules on how to pick right resume template.  Now we’re going to accompany you across the different formats of resume to make your job searching trip much easier.

Most used resume formats 2020

To be frank, there are tons of different resume formats you can find on the web, but when we’re talking about most used – there are only three of them. They are well-known by all recruiters and good for structuring information. Each of them has its own purpose and could help you to follow specific goals.

Let’s briefly consider them below:

  • Chronological. The one of the most used resume formats across the whole US. Each hiring manager knows this type of resume format. Not all the candidates could use it, because of some peculiarities.Candidate should have really impressive career path and amazing achievements. 
  • Functional. Also known by hiring managers as Skill-based resume. The main idea here to sell your skills, but not career path and tons of achievement (which could be useless for future employer)
  • Mixed. A good combination of chronological and functional resumes. The best solution for those job seekers, who has enough experience and be glad to sell their hard skills for a pretty good price. 

How about to deep into each of resume format above?

Chronological resume

When we’re talking about the most used resume format – it’s absolutely about this type of resume resume. The main idea here – your career path is shown directly in reverse chronological order. This structure helps hiring manager understand current place of work and easy to navigate across the whole document.

All the attention to candidate’s experience. Skills will be not so important using this type of resume, because of structure.

Chronological resume templates 2020

Resume template 2020 chronological
resume 2020 template traditional
Chronological resume 2020 sample
2020 resume tempate

Functional resume

During the past three years functional resume is gaining momentum. Such popularity can be explained not because of it’s simplicity. More and more candidates are trying to sell their hard skills and that’s where is functional resume is the best solution. 

Hiring managers are most likely looking for hard skills, if we’re not talking about middle or top positions. You have clear hard skills, HRs are looking for. Simplest resume structure is crafted to sell a candidate’s skills.

Functional resume templates 2020

resume format sample
resume template functional
best resume sample 2020

Combination resume

An outstanding opportunity to mix chronological and functional resume formats. The best option to show your career path and mix it with hard skills at the same time. 

You show work history and mix it with achievement without losing priorities. The one of the most winning resume templates these days and will get it’s popularity this year as well.

Combination resume template 2020

resume 2020 examples
new resume 2020 format
resume template 2020

Which resume format to use?

We have already told you about three main resume formats, which could be used and most likely used by candidates today. Now we’re going to tell you a bit more about how to understand which format of resume is right for you.

How to use this information? You read the statements below each resume format and trying to understand if it could be matched somehow with your experience.

Chronological CV format

  • You have some experience behind your back. 
  • Career path is impressive enough to understand that you are not fresh grad.
  • Achievements and awards in specific area.
  • Not trying to completely change a direction or employment area. 
  • There are any employment gaps in your resume at all.
  • Job in a traditional industry, not a creative one with a specific portfolio or something else.
  • List of responsibilities can’t be empty, you have enough to show in this section.

Functional CV format

  • Completely different area, where a candidate has no experience, but has enough ambition level.
  • A huge range of different hard skills
  • Soft skills are not key asset
  • Employment history has a huge amount of different hard to explain employment gaps. 
  • Good for a creative professions.
  • Ideal for fresh graduates or candidates with a low experience.  

Combination CV format

  • Experience is not enough for chronological resume, but enough for this type of resume format
  • No or really short employment gaps, because of transitions or extraordinary cases.
  • Works well for transitions or complete career changes. 
  • When hard skills is not the only one you can sell to a hiring manager.

Once you have already finished with reading key differences about these types of resume, let’s move to the pros and cons of each format.

Resume 2020 formats Pros and Cons

Before you will start reading key advantages and disadvantages of each resume format, we would like to remind you something:

  • Resume formats is not a key to get a job, BUT a pretty huge booster. Keep attention to create an outstanding content, which grab HR’s attention.
  • Targeting a resume to a specific vacancy could bring you much more results.
  • Professional resume format is not the only one thing, which can bring you a new job.

Chronological resume

The oldest format, but it works only for a specific range of candidates.

Works well, when you have a lot of experience to showcase. Say No to employment gaps, because it would be not a hard work to find them easily. The main challenge here – how stand out from the crowd. Outstanding resume template could be a good option here to get much more attention.


  • The one of the most used formats.
  • Well-know by most recruiters.
  • Easy to navigate, because all the information placed strongly in reverse-chronological order.
  • Well tracked and recognised by applicant tracking systems, thank to reverse chronological order.


  • Hard to stand out from a crowd in case your use not creative resume template.
  • Not possible to conceal employment gaps. 
  • Good option only for those candidates, whose career path and experience are huge enough to impress hiring managers.

Functional resume

Remember that functional resume could be a great option for one part of candidates, but at the same time could kill other candidate’s chances. As we have already mentioned above, this type of resume  – simple list of skills.

When you are ready to sell your hard skills, you know what to choose. On the other hand, such a template could be very tricky, because you can sell your candidacy asking a much more.


  • Clear to understand what are your hard skills and at what level.
  • During the last 10 years it’s a trend
  • Nobody could find employment gaps, because of its structure.


  • Recruiters like to see who you reading past experience. Such structure does not give you this opportunity.
  • Not optimized for an ATS. Need to be crafted to pass through new applicant tracking systems.

Combination Resume

Combination or also known as hybrid resume format is the best solution for people with little or without any experience. Also it’s a great option for job swithers, who are willing to change position or get a raise in other company.


  • You can craft any resume template you want.
  • Employment gaps are easy to conceal.
  • Good opportunity to sell experience and skills at the same time.


  • Can be a huge mess in your resume, especially when candidates are trying to include everything.