Functional Resume Format 2020

Functional resume template 2020: Basic Rules

Seems like you are looking for a new position if you need a new resume. But what resume is the best for you? A lot of candidates are trying to write a resume, which could highlight their strengths and somehow conceal weaknesses. Now we’re going to talk about functional resume and whether it’s a good option in your case among all other resume 2020 templates. If somebody would tell you, that resume format is not the most important thing in a job search process – don’t believe them.

Download functional resume examples 2020

Why so many candidates are using right this type of resume format? Is there any secret, which can help job seekers to get employed much faster? There are no any lifehacks. A functional resume template helps hiring managers to fully concentrate on candidate’s skills. This type of resume structure helps the reader to quickly understand your key value. Candidate showing his/her soft and hard skills. Simply what hiring managers are looking for at the moment. 

Before you will make a decision on what resume format 2020 is best for you, we recommend to do a deep research to make the right decision. Keep an attention to a chronological template and pay attention to the latest resume trends.

Who should use it

  • Job seekers, whose employment career path has some employment gaps, which will be really hard to explain to a hiring manager during an interview.
  • If hard skills are your main asset
  • You prefer to work remotely and in the past, you were a freelancer
  • Fresh graduate and looking for a first job in your life.
  • Job jumper, whose employment history has tons of different positions with anaverege employment period less than six months. 
  •  You are not looking for a specific job. You are open to get any position to utilize your skills.

Functional resume – KEY Poses

  • It’s an outstanding option for junior or serious specialists, who are trying to sell their hard skills as expensive, as possible. Using functional format, it would help you to do that in the most positive and effective way. 
  • Nobody would ask you about gaps in career paths if they are present. The hiring manager understands, if you are using this resume template, most likely they are. 
  • Skils, skils, skills. If you are not ready to add any additional information to your resume, you can not do that.

Functional resume – KEY Cons

  • Not all hiring managers are open to this type of resume. There is an opinion, that this type of resume template is mostly used by persons, who are trying to conceal something.
  • It’s really hard to use this template in case when you changed some positions during the time you used to work in one company. It simply not possible to show, without saying about that during an interview.
  • A career path is not transparent. When you started a career. What position it was and how long you were unemployed.
  • Skills – it’s really good, but in some cases, hiring managers want to get a bit more.

Once you read this post and get all the key poses and cons, we recommend you to read more about other resume formats. Choosing the right resume template in a specific moment could help you to get employed much faster than you even expect. Good luck!