Chronological best 2020 resume template

Chronological resume 2020 New Inputs

If you have never written a resume, you might have been never heard about chronological format of 2020 resume. Let’s deep into some details and general facts – this type is one of the most popular across the others. 

Chronological resume 2020 is one of the most liked resume types by hiring managers. There are many different CV formats 2020, but why it’s so popular? Using it, it’s really easy to understand who you are and how big fish you are in seconds. A key difference of this resume is chronological order, which candidates use to overwrite their career path. Using this type of CV format could be tricky for some candidates. When you write a resume using this template, you need to have an impressive enough level of expertise, amazing career path, no employment gaps, managerial skills an so on. In other cases, it could work against you.

Best Chronological resume examples 2020

Writing a chronological CV 2020, pay attention to next details:

  • Each place of work needs a list of key responsibilities with detailed information.
  • Enhance your chances using the achievements list and show key results you reach on each position.
  • Works well to show transitions within one company, but on if you had promotions. 
TIP. Remember to strength a resume with quantifying results. In some cases, a list of responsibilities is not enough to show results. It would enhance your chances across the other candidates, who a more process-oriented.

Main Poses

Using this type of resume format could be useless and even tricky for some candidates. We want you to aware, whether it’s a good idea to use it and it could only enhance your chances to stand out from a crowd.

  • Key focus on candidate’s career paths. Works well for job seekers with an outstanding experience and impressive career path.
  • A good option for candidates, who used to work in a specific area and looking for a job at the same “specific” area.
  • You don’t need to conceal any employment gaps, because it’s not possible to do using this resume format.
  • The most recognizable format by an applicant tracking system, because of it’s reverse-chronological structure. 

Main Cons

As you can see chronological resume has both advantages and cons, but if you still think that it would cover all your needs and would help you to get an interview – do not hesitate to use it.

  • In case you have something to hide from a hiring manager, it would be hard to do. It’s better to think about another resume template.
  • Job jumpers should avoid to use it. It ain’t hard to understand how many jobs you changed during the last 2 years.
  • It’s not for fresh grads. Simply because they can’t show anything in their previous experience section.

Who should use a chronological CV 2020

Here are some statements for you to check before you will decide to use this type of resume. Simply scan them and make a decision.

  • Senior candidates, who have something to show and impress a hiring manager.
  • Candidates, who used to work to huge corporations
  • No employment gaps in your career path or you can simply explain them.