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How to impress HR?
Resume template 2020

We live in a competitive world and each job seeker is looking for some creative methods on how to beat other candidates during a recruitment process. The most interesting thing is that you can do that both ways: providing an outstanding resume without a creative template and outstanding resume template with a so-so resume inside. Guess which approach would win? The one with outstanding resume template could be a winner because it would gather more hiring manager’s attention. As a result – your resume has been seen first and was read first. It means – you have more chances to get a call compared with other candidates.

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Crafting an outstanding resume is not only about resume content and what’s inside a document. It’s also about how to sell your resume to a hiring manager or recruiter. And it’s a quite hard task to do today. 

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Choose the right resume 2020 template

We are not going to discuss today all the preparation activities you need to finish before you will start writing a resume. We’re not going to talk about resume 2020 formats you can choose to enhance your chances to deliver the right structure to a recruiter. Now we want to talk about how to resume template could be a good assistant for a resume content that you are going to include a bit later.

Resume template – it’s not about what’s inside the resume. It’s about how your resume looks like!

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Before you will start choosing the right resume layout 2020, you need to understand and pick the right resume format. The second step here is to understand whether your resume is targeted for a specific position or you are going to use it many times applying for a different positions. Once you decided what is going to be inside and how you will use your resume, let’s move to a different 2020 resume templates.

Chronological Resume Template 2020

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We can bet, you have seen this type of resume template many times, but maybe you didn’t know the right name for it. It’s one of the most used resume formats in US and one of the most popular. Another name of this resume template is a reverse-chronological resume. 

Why it’s so popular? Because it’s structure is easy to fill for a candidate and easy to read by a hiring manager. But at the same time, there are many pitfalls. Choosing this type of resume, you cant hide some employment gaps, hide some results you don’t want to show, and many more..This CV format is only for those candidates, whose career path is impressive enough and key achievements can be shown. If all the written above is not about you, let’s think about another resume template.

Functional Resume Template 2020

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Another good resume template, but has a completely different approach in structure and what you going to offer to a reader. This type of CV format is targeted on a candidate’s skills. You are not selling your amazing career path or achievements. Hard and softs skills – that’s all hiring manager’s are expecting to see in candidate’s resumes who are using this type of resume format. 

That’s true, that there are some recruiters, who are not happy to get resumes with such a structure. And there are some reasons why they don’t like it. First of all – it’s easy to hide a lot of inconvenient information for a candidate. Information like employment gaps, work periods, achievements and so on..But at the same time – they like it because you provide them what they need. They are looking for people with specific skills – you bring it to them.

Combination Resume Template 2020

Combination resume samples are one of the most flexible. It’s a good option for those candidates, who don’t want to show more than they want to show for a hiring manager. At the same time, you have enough opportunities to stand out from a crowd. 

It would be nice for candidates with a pretty huge career path, but without any impressive achievements. Another good case could be – candidates with a limited scope of job responsibilities. A key benefit of using this type of resume is skills. You are mixing skills with experience in some areas. 

Targeted Resume Template 2020

A targeted resume is one of the most effective in terms of feedback from an employer. Is there any secret here? There is no magic here. The main secret here is a tailored resume to a specific position. 

If a hiring manager is looking for a sales manager with 2 years’ experience in a banking area and some specific certificates. That’s the first thing they would like to see in a resume of applied candidates. The main idea here is in detailed scanning a new position, understanding your chances to get employed. Once you somehow measured that, it’s time to start tailoring resume for this position.

A tailored resume has many more chances for success compared with any other resume templates. You deliver an exact match resume to an employee.

Creative Resume Template 2020

In some cases and at some positions, hiring managers are looking for candidates with a really creative approach everywhere. That’s where a creative CV template could be an advantage. Creative designers, web designers, sound producers, artists and many more other groups of positions are using this type of resume. 

Whoever you are and whatever you do, the half of result in getting a new job – it’s a propper CV template!